Finishing Touches That Can Make Your Deck

You’ve got yourself a beautiful deck and with this stunning summer weather, we would like to remind you of some of the things you can and should be doing to improve your deck. Here are some finishing touches that can make your deck even better.

Protect Your Deck

Before you do anything else to your deck you should ensure that you keep it is as near to pristine conditions as you can. We have already looked at possible Spring Deck Maintenance You Should Be Doing. It’s never too late to ensure your deck is clean, oiled and maintained.

Don’t forget that if you bought your deck materials from One Stop Deck Shop you will have been automatically signed up for for a free lifetime supply of “Deck Clean”.

You can also change the look of your deck by altering the colour of it by changing the colour of the oil coating. Oils like CD50 Extreme and Natures Timber Oil can be applied in different colours without having to strip off or re-sand the deck.

Deck Railings and Balusters

If your deck is above a certain height (1.5 metres in most places including Christchurch City, 1.0 metres in Selwyn District) you need to get a building consent. One of the requirements for this is that you need some form of deck railings to ensure that your deck is safe.
Of course, there are many situations where you will want deck railings or a fence surrounding your deck, even when your deck is closer to the ground.

You will often include balusters in your designs. Balusters are carved posts installed under your top railings. Technically it is the balusters that keep your kids (or friends after a one too many beers) from falling off the deck.When you plan your choice of deck railings consider the style and material used in the construction of your home. You want the whole structure to look attractive and it helps if your deck railings harmonize with your home’s character. It is common, however, for people to opt for balusters made from a contrasting material.

Take a look at what types of railing and baluster other homeowners in your area have opted for. Do they improve their home’s appearance? Wood is the most common material used for deck railings, but you could also consider other options like glass, metal or composite and vinyl railings.

You could keep your deck railings and balusters in a similar coloured timber as your deck, or you could opt for more contrasting colours.

Deck Lighting

If you light up your deck you expand its usability. Lighting is more than just decorative. It can make your deck a great place to spend those long summer evenings. Good lighting can also make your stairs safer.
You could consider using solar lights to avoid any need for electrical wiring. Or, you may wish to engage an electrician to wire your deck and make it more usable at night. You can install sensor lights to help with security, too.
Often you might choose to use post caps to top off your deck railings. You can relatively easily incorporate lights into your post caps – some varieties come with lighting pre-installed.

Wire for Sound

If you are wiring your deck for lighting it makes sense to add additional wires as speaker cables. This really can add to your indoor-outdoor living flow. Just try not to annoy your neighbours with your musical tastes.

Deck Furniture

There are numerous options for outdoor furniture you can use to complement your deck. You may even already own outdoor chairs and tables that will fit perfectly on your deck. You might consider building seating out of the same material as your decking. While you are at it, your deck is an ideal place to situate your barbecue for those summer evenings.

Plants and Planters

You might consider your deck to be a bridge between your house and our garden. In that case, you could place a few plants in planter boxes and pots. You might consider growing a herb garden on a deck near your kitchen. Or even look at placing a potted lemon tree near the back door. Planters full of coloured annuals add joy to your deck’s visual appeal.

You might think about constructing a few planters out of the same material that you built your deck. Alternatively, there are many large pots and planters available at any garden centre.