Why People Love to Improve Their Homes with a New Deck

Several organisations have recently made studies about what people consider important in terms of home and landscaping renovations. It comes as no surprise that homeowners consider a new deck to be one of their top renovation priorities.

One survey was the Houzz Australia Landscaping & Garden Trends Study. This showed that 82 percent of the Australians surveyed believed that carrying out a landscaping project, making changes to outdoor structures, and doing up a deck or adding a new one was their most popular project.

Although there doesn’t appear to be an equivalent study undertaken in New Zealand there is data available that shows that decks are important to kiwis. The Houzz and Home Overview of Home Renovation in 2016 and 2017 shows that 24% of homeowners who made renovations in 2016 upgraded (or built) their verandahs or decks.

Clearly, both New Zealanders and Australians love their decks.

One reason for this is that the modern homeowner loves an indoor-outdoor living flow. A well-designed deck can allow you to extend your living areas outdoors. Indeed some people design their homes to have wide doors that can be opened to give you one large uninterrupted flow between their living/entertaining space and their deck area.

A Deck Adds Value to Your Home

Homeowners regularly want to upgrade their homes, but they are uncertain where they should begin. Which upgrades will add value to their homes? Which upgrades give you no additional resale value? Unless you intend to remain living where you are for a decade or more, you have to be careful that you don’t over-capitalise your property.

The home renovations that are most likely to increase your home’s value include:

  1. A kitchen remodel (but not too high-end/gourmet)
  2. A bathroom addition
  3. Making a room more versatile
  4. Upgrading your windows to make them more energy efficient
  5. Insulating your house
  6. Basic home maintenance
  7. A new deck

Renovations which will end up costing you money include:

  1. A swimming pool
  2. High-end kitchen or bathroom remodels
  3. Sunrooms
  4. An extra room (unless it’s a bedroom)
  5. Extensive landscaping

If you are keen on landscaping or improving your garden and outdoor parts of your property, a new deck will give you by far the best returns.

Liam Scully of Rockwood Construction is quoted in a Westpac post on property renovation as saying that the average low profile deck of kwila or hardwood will add about 30% to the value of your home.

Why Do Kiwis Love Their Decks So Much?

You gain a great deal of extra usable space with a well-built deck

  1. Compared to other renovations, a deck can be built quickly
  2. A deck is a perfect place to entertain your friends
  3. A deck adds to the overall look of your home

Compared to most of the other worthwhile home renovations a new or expanded deck is inexpensive

Is it any surprise, therefore, that New Zealanders, like the Australians surveyed by Houzz, love to improve their homes with a new deck.

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