Spring Deck Maintenance I Should Be Doing

The days are starting to warm up and our daylight hours are increasing. Spring is here, and before we know it Summer will be upon us again. It won’t be long before we start spending long hours outside and can enjoy using our decks again.

So what should we be thinking about with our Spring deck maintenance?

1.) Sweep and Clear Your Deck of Debris

We know how bitter Canterbury winters can be. You’ve probably spent much of your time indoors in the warm, trying to avoid the worst of the bitterly cold South-Westerlies. Give your deck a good sweep, clearing up any debris the winds have on it during Autumn and Winter.

While you are at it, take a close look at any overhanging vegetation. It is a good time to prune shrubs, trees and other vegetation that has grown too close to your deck.

2.) Remove any Leaves, Dirt or Grime From Between Your Deck Boards

The nature of decking means that you will probably have a build-up of leaves, dirt, and grime between your deck boards.
You may find that using a tool like a putty knife makes this task easier for you. Pay special attention to the spots where the deck boards cross over your structural joists.

3.) Wash Your Deck

Once you have removed any solid matter from your deck and between the boards you should give your deck a good wash using One Stop Deck Shop “Deck Clean”. It is best to do this on a cloudy day so that the sun doesn’t evaporate the cleaner too quickly.
Remember that if you bought your deck materials from us you will have automatically signed up for for a lifetime supply of “Deck Clean” – just place an order for some more if you need it.
If you haven’t already gained a free supply of “Deck Clean” you can qualify by simply by entering your details online. A regular washing of your deck with “Deck Clean” can extend the lifetime of your deck by years.
Just follow the instructions on the “Deck Clean” information sheet to help you make washing your deck as easy as possible. Make certain that you let your deck dry thoroughly before you move onto the next step.

4.) Apply a Good Quality Oil to Your Deck

A good quality oiling will also keep your deck looking sharp for a long time. The One Stop Deck Shop wood gurus recommend you use either Cabot’s Natural Decking Oil or the CD50 range of oils. We stock both of these oils in a range of tints.

5.) Contact One Stop Deck Shop For Your Best Deals on Deck Maintenance

Spring is an important time of the year for us, as we see people emerging from indoors to start enjoying themselves, utilising their decks. It is the perfect time of year to bring your deck back up to its best state. Come in and see us for the best deals for deck maintenance. And if you are looking to extend your deck or build a new one, we should be your first stop for advice, assistance and supply.

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