Decking Bearers

Bearers are the main support members connecting substructure to the piles.

OneStopDeckShop recommend using H3 or H4 treated pine bearers. These come in assorted sizes depending on site specific and individual design consdiderations.

Download the OneStopDeckShop latest pricelist to get latest prices for H3 and H4 treated pine bearers.

Bearer Size*: Onestopdeckshop recommend and stock 90mmx90mm or 100mmx100mm H4 treated pine bearers but you can also use Two 90mmx45mm, Two 100mmx50mm, 140mmx45mm, 150mmx50mm, 190mmx45mm, 200mmx50mm.

Bearer Length*: 2.4-6.0m – will be subject to stock and availability. Availability may vary.

*Contact your OneStopDeckShop team for assistance on the correct size and length of joist to be used.