Macrocarpa Decking

  • Macrocarpa (Cupressus macrocarpa) is a NZ grown, exotic cypress softwood timber.
  • Light blonde-coloured softwood decking & landscape timber.
  • Macrocrapa is easy to work with, has good strength and is naturally durable.
  • New Macrocarpa decks should be coated using a penetrating oil on all sides to allow timber to properly season in the first year.

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Key Features

  • N Sizes 95×35 and 140×35 (90x19mm thick available on request)
  • N Lengths random 1800-6000mm
  • N Grade is generally a merchant knotty grade but clears can be sourced
  • N Will not bleed or leach
  • N NZ grown and naturally chemical-free
  • N Fast to silver off to a driftwood grey
  • N Factory pre-coating service available
  • N Pre-oil when first laying macrocarpa decking


Ventilation around the decking timber is important to allow for adequate air flow and will help extend the life and performance of the deck. The deck
should have at least 450mm clearance from the ground. This, in conjunction with suitable spacing, will allow for suitable ventilation. In wet areas or over water, additional clearance is recommended.


  • 35mm decking boards should be installed at a maximum 600mm joist
  • 35mm decking can be on up to 600mm joist centres.
  • Joists should be clean and sound and the screws should penetrate at least 40mm into the joists to achieve good holding.
  • Pre-drilling and counter-sinking is essential to avoid end splits.
  • In normal New Zealand climatic conditions 95x35mm and 140×35 decking should be spaced with 4mm between boards. This is to allow for some minor shrinkage as the boards acclimatise, which will allow for drainage of surface water and air circulation. NB: These are recommendations only. An allowance for regional climatic conditions should also be factored in.


To minimise surface checking, cupping and maintain Macrocarpa’s good looks we recommend coating the decking boards on all four sides with a penetrating oil prior to installation. An additional face coat following installation is also recommended. Note: When coating decking timber, ensure that the boards are free from surface marks and stains before coating. End sealing will help minimize splitting and surface checking on the ends of the boards.


We strongly recommend use of stainless steel screws for fixing your decking to the deck frame. We recommend 75mm long stainless- steel screws through the pre-drilled face of a 35mm thick decking board, two screws per joist.

Maintenance Cleaning & Washing

Macrocarpa decks should be cleaned with a stiff brush at least once a year to clear gaps and remove surface mould which can be a slip hazard in wet weather. Keeping the deck clear of leaf litter, moving pot plants or other large objects that may hold moisture to the top of the deck, is also important for the life of the deck. Softwood Decking can be water blasted BUT it is important to do so at a low pressure so as not to damage the fibres of the board by going too hard or too close. Care must be taken not to stop at the end of the stroke but to lift the nozzle away when changing direction.

Removing dirt and mould prior to coating is easy with OneStopDeckShop Deck Clean, a simple 4 step system that ensures your deck is ready for coating. One Stop Deck Shop Deck Clean active restoration agent is the recommended product for general cleaning. Follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Re coating. Always follow the manufacturer’s specification for re-coating. We can assist you with choosing the correct coating product for your job as there is a range of different products that are suited to various deck types.

Wood Guru Pro TIPS

One Stop Deck Shop Products advocates that all hardwood decks are fixed with screws. For 140×19 decking SCREWS ARE ESSENTIAL. We recommend 60mm (for 19mm) stainless steel screws through the pre-drilled face of each board, two per joist. For 90×19 decking screws are also recommended.

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