At OneStopDeckShop we sell an extensive range of timber deck accessories from pre-mix cement bags, fastenings such as nails, screws, and camo hidden fasteners to coatings such as Cutek, Cabots and Metalex.

Below are some of the products we stock and recommend we finalising your next deck project.

Substrate Material

OneStopDeckShop recommends the use of treated pine joists, bearers and piles for the construction of your deck.

There are many options available depending on the site specific needs and or requirements.

Most common residential decks are constructed as an extension from the house and the standard method is to use timber piles either 100×100 or 125×125 to anchor the deck into the ground and then lay timber bearers 100×100 over the piles with 100×50 Rough Sawn or 90×45 Planer Gauged timber joists to form a sub structure. We recommend using paner gauged timber as timber dimension tolerances are much tighter so the substructure is flatter.


There are many options available for fixing your timber deck and timber deck substructure.