Vulcan Decking

  • Vulcan Decking is created from thermally modified New Zealand plantation timber and then treated with an organic preservative system that includes a water repellent for superior durability.
  • The thermal modification process means Vulcan Decking has enhanced stability, reduced resin content and is a beautiful homogeneous brown colour.

Consumer Guide

Cost $$$$$

Low Maintenance 

High-End Look 



Ease of installation

Key Features

  • N Available in 142x27mm
  • N Lengths random 2400-6000mm
  • N Does not require pre-drilling. That means you can install faster.
  • N Recommend 316 stainless screw fixings
  • N Pre-coating is mandatory before laying
  • N Factory coating service available
  • N Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified
  • N Free from chemical preservatives and solvents.
  • N Vulcan Decking is covered by a 15 year Built to Last Warranty.
  • N Ensure adequate ventilation around boards


Ventilation- free-air circulation under the decking is very important to help minimize cupping and warping. Proper ventilation ensures the potential difference in moisture content levels between top face and the underside of boards is reduced and extends the life and performance of the deck.

The sub deck should have at least 300mm clearance from the ground. This, in conjunction with suitable board spacing, will allow for adequate ventilation. In wet areas or over water, additional clearance is recommended. Other steps that can be taken to minimize moisture differential are – a ground level vapour barrier*(with slit drainage) and pre-coating the underside of the deck boards. Failure to provide for suitable ventilation is a major cause of early decking failure.

*Note: Using polythene sheet can create water pooling having the opposite effect.


  • Joist spacing 400-450mm recommended for 27mm thick decking.
  • Joists should be clean and sound and the screws should penetrate at least 40mm into the joists to achieve good holding.
  • Vulcan decking should be spaced with 4mm min. gaps between decking boards. This will allow for some expansion & contraction as the decking boards acclimatize as well as allowing for drainage of surface water and good air circulation.

Note: These are recommendations only. An allowance for regional climatic conditions should also be factored in. Ask us for advice regarding your specific requirements!


To minimize surface checking, cupping and maintain Vulcan’s good looks we recommend coating the decking boards on all four sides with penetrating oil prior to installation. An additional face coat following installation is also recommended. Note: When coating decking timber, ensure that the boards are free from surface marks and stains before coating. End sealing will help minimize splitting and “checking” on the ends of the boards


We strongly recommend use of stainless steel screws for fixing your decking to the deck frame. We recommend 60mm long stainless-steel screws through the pre-drilled face of a 19mm thick decking board, two screws per joist.

Maintenance Cleaning & Washing

  • Wash down regularly (at least every 6 months) with mild detergent, warm water and soft brush.
  • All wood will go grey after extended exposure to the weather. To maintain colour use a brown pigmented oil and re-apply on a regular basis.
  • Surface cracking or ‘checking’ may occur after exposure to the weather, this can be reduced by using a penetrating decking oil such as Abodo Protector and by installing boards with ribbed face up.
  • Re-apply coating as required every 12-18 months.
  • Mould growth will occur on timber, especially in high humidity conditions, for heavily soiled or mouldy areas use Abodo Rejuvenator, similar timber cleaner or oxygenating cleaner then apply long acting mould inhibitor such as Resene Deep Clean.

Wood Guru Pro TIPS

One Stop Deck Shop Products advocates that all hardwood decks are fixed with screws. For 142×27 decking SCREWS ARE ESSENTIAL. We recommend 60mm (for 27mm) stainless steel screws through the pre-drilled face of each board, two per joist. 

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