Tips for Upgrading Your Old Deck

Many properties have decks that are well-weathered. Homeowners probably installed them with love long ago. There may have been many happy days spent on the deck but the glory days are past, and these decks now look tired and worse for wear. If this describes your deck, then it’s time to think about upgrading your old deck.

Begin by taking a close look at your deck. Just how bad is its condition? Is it so weathered that your best option is to rip it up and start again? Can it survive with major renovations? Or, can you make necessary repairs now and improve your maintenance in the future to make your deck more usable?

With regular maintenance, a deck should last 15-20 years. Without such maintenance, you may find you will need to replace or repair it much sooner.

Refreshing Your Deck

If your deck isn’t too dilapidated you might get away with refreshing it. You should begin by undertaking some of the long-delayed maintenance that you probably wish you had found the time for over the deck’s life. You should begin by carrying out some of the activities we suggested in Spring Deck Maintenance I Should Be Doing:

  1. Sweep and clear your deck of debris
  2. Remove any leaves, dirt or grime from between your deck boards
  3. Wash your deck using One Stop Deck Shop “Deck Clean

Once you have a clean tidy surface you can take a closer inspection for any damage. You may need to replace any cracked, warped, chipped or broken boards. While you are at it, inspect your joists to ensure that the whole structure is sound, replacing any weak sections. Try and use the same type of decking timber that was used to construct your deck. You may need to ask one of the One Stop Deck Shop wood gurus to assist you in identifying the relevant timber.

Also, make a point of cleaning, inspecting, and if necessary, replacing, any deck rails and balusters.

You can now give your whole deck a fresh coat of oil or paint, depending on your tastes.

Resurfacing Your Deck

If you find that your deck surface is badly damaged, even decaying, but it still has a sound sub structure you may find that your best option is to resurface your deck.

Resurfacing gives you the opportunity to rejuvenate your deck without having to pay for a totally new one.
It is important that you perform a preliminary inspection to check the integrity of the deck material. If you are unsure get a professional to come and inspect it. One Stop Deck Shop wood gurus can give you details of a professional who could assist with this.

While you are looking at upgrading the deck you may take the opportunity to alter the design slightly or change the deck material. A good example of this is you could upgrade from traditional timber to a more modern eco friendly decking material like ModWood WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) Deck. ModWood is a non-stain/oil option that will not splinter, twist or bend and is virtually maintenance-free.

Replacing Your Deck

If your deck is too badly worn, particularly if the structure itself is damaged, then you need to start afresh. While this is the most costly way of upgrading your old deck, it at least gives you the option to adapt your deck to your current lifestyle. You can make it any size, and in any position, that you desire.

Don’t leave your old deck to collapse around you. Give it a close inspection and upgrade it so it can best meet your household’s needs.