Carbonised Bamboo Decking

  • Carbonised Bamboo Decking is a manufactured decking setting the benchmark for hardness, durability, and sustainability.
  • Rich dark chocolate brown colour with a slow fade into a light brown over time.
  • High-density compression adds stability and hardness for a superior finish.

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Key Features

  • N Bamboo is an incredibly renewable and versatile product
  • N High Anti-slip R10 rating
  • N Popular wide 140x19mm profile
  • N Will not bleed or leach
  • N 1850mm lengths Boxed in 1.03m2 cartons for ease of use and handling on site.
  • N Full fixing system included in the cost
  • N Fast Hassle-free installation
  • N Already factory-coated upon purchase
  • N Class 1 Durability rating
  • N Unmatched 30-year Warranty
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 Ventilation- free-air circulation under the decking is very important to help minimise cupping and warping. Proper ventilation ensures the potential difference in moisture content levels between top face and the underside of boards is reduced and extends the life and performance of the deck.

The subdeck should have at least 300mm clearance from the ground. This, in conjunction with suitable board spacing set by the supplied fixing system, will allow for adequate ventilation. In wet areas or over water, additional clearance is recommended. Other steps that can be taken to minimise moisture differential are – a ground level vapour barrier*(with slit drainage). Failure to provide for suitable ventilation is a major cause of early decking failure.

*Note: Using polythene sheet can create water pooling having the opposite effect.


  • Joist spacing 450-500mm with the ultimate spacing being 462 .5mm to allow for joists under each join.
  • Joists should be clean and sound and the screws should penetrate at least 40mm into the joists to achieve good holding.
  • Pre-drilling and counter-sinking is essential to avoid any splitting or ‘tear-out’ where the screw penetrates the Bamboo.
  • Carbonised Bamboo Decking has a 5mm gap between decking boards when installed with the supplied fastenings. This will allow for some expansion & contraction as the decking boards acclimatise as well as allowing for drainage of surface water and good air circulation.
  • Note: These are recommendations only. An allowance for regional climatic conditions should also be factored in. Ask us for advice regarding your specific requirements!


To maintain the Bamboo’s good looks we recommend coating the decking boards every 6 months with one coat of oil. Note: When coating the Bamboo decking timber, ensure that the boards are free from surface marks and stains.


We have got you covered with the Bamboo fastening system supplied free of charge with every box of decking supplied.

Maintenance Cleaning & Washing

Your Bamboo deck should be cleaned with a stiff brush at least once a year to clear gaps between your decking boards and remove dirt and grim. A stiff brush can also remove any surface mould which can be a slip hazard in wet weather. Keeping the deck clear of leaf litter, moving pot plants and other large objects that may hold moisture to the top of the deck, is also important for the life of the deck. Bamboo Decking can be water blasted BUT it is important to do so at a low pressure so you do not damage the surface of the board.

Preparation for re-coating: Removing dirt and mould prior to coating is easy with OneStopDeckShop Deck Clean, a simple 4 step system that ensures your deck is ready for re-coating. OneStopDeckShop Deck Clean active restoration agent is the recommended product for general cleaning. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using.

Re-coating. Always follow the manufacturer’s specification for re-coating. We can assist you with choosing the correct coating product for your job as there is a range of different products that are suited to various deck types.

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Wood Guru Pro TIPS

One Stop Deck Shop Products advocates that all hardwood decks are fixed with screws. For 140×19 decking SCREWS ARE ESSENTIAL. We recommend 60mm (for 19mm) stainless steel screws through the pre-drilled face of each board, two per joist. For 90×19 decking screws are also recommended.

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