Joist Support

Tuff Block Instant Foundation System

Save Time!!! Save Money!!! Lay your deck today with Tuff Blocks today, the easy to install ultra-durable low lying deck solution trusted for over 35 years and with a 25 year manufacturers warranty!

Nurajack – Self-Levelling Screwjack Head

The Easy Way To Install & Level Your Timber Deck Over Solid Floors.

Nualite’s Nurajacks are made in Italy to the highest standards of quality and design. Nurajacks feature a self levelling head that pivots up to 5◦ to compensate for the fall in the membrane. The large 205mm base ensure that the Nurajacks do not point load the membrane. Nurajacks have been tested to withstand loads up to 1000kg, so are suitable for installation of spa pools and planter boxes – assuming the substrate has been designed with this application in mind.

Key Benefits of Nurajacks:

  • Self levelling heads – to create a level deck and a level indoor/outdoor aesthetic
  • Top adjustable heads – no lifting of the tiles to adjust the jacks
  • Meets councils requirements for timber decking over membrane decks
  • Acoustic pads to minimize the noise transference to lower levels
  • Patented European designed and manufactured to the highest standards in quality
  • 20 year material guarantee when installed over Nuralite membrane system

KlevaKlip – Adjustable Joist Support

The Adjustable Joist Support has been designed specifically to enable decks to easily be built over concrete slabs in areas where limited ground clearance is available. It is ideal for use when the step-down from your door to your concrete slab is between 100mm / 4 inches (minimum) and around 260mm /10 inches (maximum).


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